I started in the Hip Hop Game in 1979, experiencing the Block Parties of my old Neighborhood of Linden St( Bushwick, Brooklyn NY) I was infused in all aspects of the culture, I was a Graffitti Artist, BBoy ,Learned how to DJ and now I am an MC. My biggest Rap influences was the Cold Crush Brothers,The Fantastic 5 MC.s ,Busy Bee ,Spoonie G And the list goes on.

In 1995 I started rapping with a crew my friends and I formed called Triple Beam it consisted of Cacique,John Wayne,and Myself. I also formed part of the No Mel Syndicate from Carolina, Puerto Rico which had a group of 20 MC’s. The head of this Syndicate was Cookee, a Hip Hop Producer also from Carolina.

In 2001 Mac Mercado (a long time friend of mine) and I came out with a compilation album with featuring various MC’s from different parts of Puerto Rico Called Tropical Storm Prod. Cat-5.

In 2012 I came out with my solo album titled Between the Streets and the Mic. I have also been featured in a few short films and plan on doing more short films in the near future.

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